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Direct Mail

TwinStar Credit Union wanted more members to open Kasasa Cash accounts. Since switching to estatements is a qualification of their Kasasa Cash accounts, we created inserts to include with paper statements for non-Kasasa account holders.

We provided the client with two options. One speaks to people who may forget about their paper bank statements until they arrive in the mail. The other targets environmentally conscious members.

Charging Station

Charging Station

First Community Bank bought advertising space in the local library — a charging station for mobile devices. Instead of spreading awareness of the bank in general, the client chose to promote themselves by promoting their Kasasa accounts.

We provided two options for the client to consider. Both feature the main benefit of Kasasa checking, but the second gives more prominence to the institution.


As part of launching of their Kasasa accounts, Austin Federal Credit Union made t-shirts for their staff — giving employees ownership of the new accounts while informing members of the opportunity to earn cash rewards.

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